Right Way Leader Pocket Book

Right Way Leader - Pocketbook

- The Right Way Leader presents a holistic, integrated, CORE 4 approach for solving personal and professional problems.

Dr. Chandrashekar D.P reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with Courage, Order, Responsibility, and Ethics – traits that give us the security to adapt to change and the power to see opportunities in that change. He invites people to center not only their leadership style but also their lives around timeless principles such as clarity, integrity, humility, and vulnerability that constitute the very root of existence.

This book illuminates the innate human need for leadership, motivation, and mentoring methods. It also demonstrates how to enjoy each other’s success while ensuring personal progress and prosperity. In short to be the #RightWayLeader.

The book - 'Right Way Leader' is purely written from the bottom of my heart which relates to an incident that happened in my life when I was 21. The day when I landed in Raipur, Chattisgarh to establish a private university for the JGI Group, I had an appointment with the undersecretary for higher education. In the end, his words remarked - "I don't believe you tried hard enough"

That hit me really hard and opened a whole new door for me. From that moment to successfully getting his signatures for establishing the university to successfully leading various organizations since 2003.

In my journey, I realized something deep about leadership which worked wonders for me and I wanted to share the same with everyone. The same has been summed up in my book - 'Right Way Leader'

The book will surely guide you the right way in inculcating the appropriate leadership skills along with other relevant skills that come along! Click here to Buy!