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One More Step

One More Step

- My journey with the world's largest contingent of school students to Everest Base Camp

As an educator, my primary motive has always been to inculcate Discipline, Dedication, and Determination in the students because these habits hold the key to success in one's life. The earlier one can inculcate these, the better it would be!

I happened to meet a young, enthusiastic girl Jahnavi - a Teenage Mountaineer at an event where I was invited to speak. Watching her speak, I was perplexed that how can a girl her age have such immense discipline and determination within herself? I was quite amazed and impressed at the same time and I thought she would be the perfect role model for my students at JGI Schools.

She came to various sessions and gradually developed a thought in my mind. After a few hit-and-trials, the idea of a trek to the Everest Base Camp was able to be implemented with a group of students.

Not only that, the trek led on to become a success and created a world record for the largest contingents of school students to successfully scale the Everest Base Camp.


  • How did this all happen?
  • What planning went into designing the idea to its execution?
  • What were the hindrances faced in the plan? How did we overcome them?
  • What was my and the parent’s role in this?
  • How was the trekking experience?
  • How was the transformation in the process?
  • What lessons did this journey leave for all?

All these questions have been answered in the most interactive manner in my book - 'One More Step.' The book will walk you through the most amazing journey from scratch and leave you with some curious thoughts to ponder over. The book is also a national bestseller of 2021 with amazing reviews from the readers already. Some have rightly quoted that this book changed their lives inside out no matter what their age is.

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