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  • Chandra, a CEO, is impressed with the discipline, dedication and determination of a teenage mountaineer. When he tries to imbibe those qualities in his students, he ends up creating a world record by taking the largest contingent of students to the Everest Base Camp.
  • In this triumphant memoir, he recounts his meeting with Jaahnavi planning the trek, convincing the students' parents and the training, followed by the actual trek to the EBC.

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Q&A: Dr. Chandrashekar DP, Author of 'One More Step'

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GSLC Expedition Session Series

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We talk about how we met / His duty as an Educator - Push your Limits and Do your best...

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One More Step, a book straight from the heart and soul of Dr. Chandrashekar, is an inspiration from a teenage mountaineer - Jahnavi over the 3 fundamentals of life: Discipline, Determination, and Dedication.

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Things No One Tells You Before You Start A StartUp
Are you SCARED of failure and never started a business? You may be missing one of the most exciting part of your life...

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Praise for One More Step

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