How To Overcome The Common Obstacles Keeping You From Full-Time Entrepreneurship?

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19 March 2022 | csk speaks - education - effective communication - online communication

How To Overcome The Common Obstacles Keeping You From Full-Time Entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is like an innovator who takes risks. An entrepreneur finds an effective solution when he sees either a problem in the world and devises a solution or notices a lack of a service/frame of mind/style of approach to business and sets out to solve the problem themselves. They are creators and the beginning of change.

There are some essential skills that every successful entrepreneur should have. If you are considering becoming a full-time entrepreneur, these are the essential skills you should have or you can learn to increase your entrepreneurial success.

  • Self Discipline - Managing oneself, is probably the hardest thing to do. There is no one watching you, it's all you.

  • Customer Screening - Not every client/customer or sale will be worth your while. Learning how to identify where the returns are helpful to improve the bang for your buck.

  • Personal Branding - In today's visual world, you can't build a brand, without putting yourself out there. People buy from who they know & trust.

  • Emotional Intelligence - It's really important to manage your emotions as you get more attached to your business emotional Intelligence also keeps anxiety, depression & stress at bay!

  • Risk-taking - Go out and get the shit done!

For me, I learned to never expect things to go my way the first or second time trying them. Starting my business took me five attempts before I truly began making some profit. Even to this day, I'm still not where I truly wanna be. But at the end of the day, I view my efforts as a successful feat that I've accomplished because it is and most people don't take advantage of it. Entrepreneurship can be tough and may pose a long journey for some but thinking of it as luck wasn't the best idea, I had to learn through trial and error before making my first couple of profits. I am still learning and growing, always trying to improve in some way. My tips to any new entrepreneurs wanting to start right now are:

  • Start right now, the experience helps
  • Work hard and invest in your business
  • Everything isn't about you
  • Don't be a slacker and expect tremendous results
  • Celebrate small victories

The Common Obstacles Keeping You From Full-Time Entrepreneurship -

Money issues In becoming a full-time entrepreneur the obstacle is money. The startup is risk-taking so entrepreneurs don't want to quit their current job.

Fear As an entrepreneur, you have to decide whether to take action so they don't miss the boat. You should know that hasty action may cause them to sink the boat. It's a very important decision for an entrepreneur. For entrepreneurs, it's bad to start too early and too late. Hence it's crucial for the entrepreneur to time their entry into the market correctly. You have to not delay your duty to fear failure. A physical pressure of fear of failure is to take risks. You must take initiative with social-economic mechanisms and accept the risk of failure. Risk-taking is not for everyone so the far become major to be a full-time entrepreneur.

Lack of experience Before leading, you have to learn about markets. So the capability to start a business is propelled by your skill and knowledge and experiences. To start without knowing a new market because it looks attractive and rewarding out of any experience. To gain Experience, it needs time. People don't give more time to gain the experience they just want to be successful in an easy way.

Storage of resources Finding the money to start a startup is not an easy task, it's the main barrier to entrepreneurship. without you can begin to organize, train, develop and sell a product. For funding, you need to make a plan. You have to play smart. It might take some time. But the problem is you won't be unemployed for a long time because of family responsibility, your expenditure. So you have to not want to leave your job. That is another reason to stop you from being a full-time entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a dynamic activity that helps the entrepreneur to bring changes in the process of production, innovation in production, new usage of materials, creator of a market, etc.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the process of designing, launching, and running a business enterprise.

The path of an entrepreneur is uncommon where not many people would be willing to take the risk because it is so hard that no rational person would want to experience the constant failures, challenges, and obstacles throughout their ventures. It's simply not fun and exciting to go through that every day. The mindset of an entrepreneur is not similar to a regular person who sees the unknowns and crazy ideas as exciting and fun.

If you are not familiar with very successful entrepreneurs' stories all over the world, they all had to go through countless trials and errors where they must be crazy enough to continue with their entrepreneurial ventures. They are the people who would make human kinds progress further with their inventions and innovations.


For being an entrepreneur you have to: Invest in yourself, invest in your education and invest in what inspires you.

I've risen to the top of my field of corporate entertainment by going to conventions. I've taught windsurfing, sailing, and many other activities that are of interest. In addition, I've dabbled in martial arts, kitesurfing, skydiving, spearfishing, and many other adventure sports. This allows me to connect with the many people I've met at functions around the world. Make a balance between work, life, and its passions.

Having your own entrepreneurial experiences can help in the decision process of investing in other opportunities. Knowing the commitment, belief, and work required for a business to succeed, you are in a better position to determine whether you think the leader of another opportunity has what it takes to make your investment a success.