How To Effectively Communicate Your Feelings To Your Loved Ones?

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19 March 2022 | csk speaks - education - effective communication - online communication

How To Effectively Communicate Your Feelings To Your Loved Ones?

Knowing your feelings helps you to understand yourself. And sharing your feelings with others helps them to understand you better. Communication is essential in every relationship, whether it’s about a spouse, a child, a parent, or a dear friend. But talking about how we feel is important for every relationship, especially those with our loved ones. When we get the courage to talk about how we feel, we strengthen the relationships we have with others.

The universal need of humans is to get accepted and understood. So, when we share our inner experiences and feelings, we are more likely to connect in deep and expressive ways. We are also more likely to get our needs fulfilled, heading towards happier and healthier relationships.

1. Observe and accept your feeling

There is a famous phrase that says “your feelings matter”. And although it seems like a redundant cliché in the mental health world, this slogan is worth repeating because people often judge or humiliate themselves for the things that they feel.

2. Don’t underrate your feelings

In today's world and age, people are conveying their feelings less in person and more through text. This obstacle gives us room to be more courageous with our words, but sometimes, we use language and emoticons that reduce the actuality of our feelings.

3. Exercise the ‘sandwich method’

It is a way of giving feedback that “sandwiches” negative feedback between two positive pieces of praise. It ensures that you have a strength-based chat concentrated more on growth and less on blame.

Non-verbal communication

When we communicate, we communicate verbally and non-verbally. We can say a lot of things without even speaking a single word. We communicate a lot through our body posture, tone of voice, and the expressions on our faces, which all convey a message. These non-verbal ways of communication can let the other person know about how we feel for them.

Listening and communication

Listening is a very crucial part of productive communication. A good listener motivates their partner to talk openly and frankly by having comfortable eye contact, non-defensive fairly relaxed posture, gestures to show concern and interest.